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We tell stories about Asian Americans challenging the status quo

No story is ever linear.


Rock the Boat co-founders Lucia Liu and Lynne Guey initially started Rock the Boat to make sense of their own zigzag career journeys. Both were at a crossroads in their mid-level careers, so they set out to interview other Asian Americans about their career paths with the hopes of finding greater meaning and purpose in their work.  What started as strictly “professional” conversations quickly became conversations about other Asian American issues like mental health, the bamboo ceiling, affirmative action, interracial dating, our role in civic/public life and much more.


Ultimately, they discovered that people were thirsty for candid dialogue that went well beyond that of their careers.

Today, Rock the Boat is


  • A community-first podcast focused on telling the diverse stories of Asian Americans charting unique paths and challenging the status quo,

  • A network for Asian American professionals seeking resources to broaden their portfolio career,  

  • A platform for Asian Americans to cultivate their voice and organize around society’s important issues


Beyond a collection of stories, Rock the Boat is an ecosystem for Asian American professionals at all stages in their career to connect with people in other industries, engage in discussion around important societal issues, and collectively create the cultural change they wish to see.


It Takes a Village


Lucia Liu

Founder & CEO

Chia-Yi Hou

Blog Editor

Emily Cheng

Email Marketing Manager

Rachel Chou

Music & Sound Editor

David Liu

Associate Producer

LA DIA Design


Sung Hwang

Mental Health Events Leads

Debbie Wong

Social Media Coordinator

Margaret Zhao

Press & Partnerships



Eric Lee

Eric is currently the Managing Partner of AYO Capital, a private investment firm based in New York. Eric is Vice Chair of the Board of Directors for Apex for Youth. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in May 1998 with a B.S. in Economics from The Wharton School and minor in Asian American Studies. 

Melinda Lee

Melinda is the former and first Chief Content Officer of Buzzfeed. Melinda is a former lawyer and founder of Uncensored Interview, an award-winning digital production studio and video content outlet that gives indie artists a platform to express themselves through raw Q&As.

Patrick Lee

Patrick Lee is the co-founder and former CEO of Rotten Tomatoes (rottentomatoes.com), a leading entertainment website focused on movie reviews and news and one of the top 800 most trafficked sites in the world. Sold to IGN Entertainment June 2004. Currently owned by Fandango.

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