Episode 16: Jackelyn Ho | The Motivational Warrior

Updated: Jun 3, 2019

Sometimes we say "Follow your dreams, everything will be okay" too much. Because sometimes it doesn't work out and then we're like, "Oh my gosh, what happens now? They said it would be okay, but it's not." Success is ultimately what you create.

Below is an abridged audio transcript of Episode 16, lightly edited for clarity.

This week we feature Jackelyn Ho, an internationally known fitness instructor and expert. This conversation will inspire you to move!

Jackelyn is founder of Arrival Fitness, a Los Angeles-based corporate wellness company bringing fitness experiences to the workplace. Jackelyn has collaborated with major brands like Nike & Toyota, and her weekly yoga & high intensity fitness classes are among the most popular classes at UCLA’s Recreational Department and LA Boulders.

Jackelyn may be a fitness fiend, but her career origins come from journalism and marketing. Jackelyn balances her love for exercise with her day job as Marketing Manager for LegalNet Inc, a legal metrics software company. Previously, she wrote a column titled Young Broke and Single about entrepreneurship for Inc. Magazine. 

Outside of that, she loves nothing more than connecting with her students in a sweaty fitness class.

We talk to Jackelyn about:

  • The surprising origins of her fitness career,

  • How she weaves her love for storytelling into her classes,

  • What her relationship is like with her sister Cassey Ho, who started the #1 female fitness channel on YouTube - blogilates, and

  • Her definition of true health

I. Jackelyn's Origin Story

Jackelyn: My name is Jackelyn Ho and I'm the founder of Arrival Fitness. We do corporate wellness and we bring fitness experiences to the workplace. I'm also a fitness instructor who's been teaching for about 10 years. I am a writer. Oh, and I also